How in the hell did my log in page background turn into a picture of Matt Bomer? Is it because I was just recently looking up his tag?

…..You know me so well, tumblr.

Adelaide Kane photographed by Aleksandar Tomovic for BelloMag

Matt Bomer listening to Taylor Kitsch talk about his ‘crotch elongated' jeans.

I love you <3 it’s been so long since anyone has included me in one of these things so this makes feel really nice haha :)
I love you too, girl. I can never forget about my CSUF buddy :)

Since I finally gained 1k followers, I decided to do my first follow forever. These are the people you should be following right at this second. Some of you I’ve talked to, some of you I haven’t cause im so shy. But everyday their blogs brights up my dash. They honestly make it more fun to be on here. Despite the fact most of you don’t really know me, I love you guys and your blog SO much. If we are mutual followers, let me know. and that way it won’t be so creepy. Anyways, here is my follow forever. Follow these awesome, amazing, fantastic people!!! And thanks again for 1k followers!!!!

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If you’re in the clone club I will call you my friend, I may have followed you for years, I may never have seen your URL til two seconds ago, either way: friend.